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Electrical Installation & Maintenance

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Services

Car Charging

If you have chosen to go electric, Green Vision Car Charging can supply and install a charger suitable for you. Our electricians provide a comprehensive Car Charger (EV Charger) installation service at your home or business in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Retford, throughout Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Commercial LED Lighting

Conversion to LED lighting in Industrial and Commercial environments can offer considerable savings over the use of a conventional lighting system.

We’ve provided LED conversion services to several businesses in Sheffield, Nottingham, Rotherham and surrounding areas.

These LED Lighting services have consisted of:

Green Vision can carry out a lighting survey of your property and provide an indicative projection of running cost and savings over your present lighting systems.

Solar PV

Solar Panels are fast becoming a preferred technology within the UK. By using the suns energy, we can power our homes and businesses.

With fuel prices constantly rising, homes and businesses can see huge benefits in the reduction of running costs by installing Solar PV. What’s more, a solar PV system can be integrated to incorporate a battery storage system. By doing this we are able to harness the suns energy and store it for use later when the sun isn’t shining!

Green Vision can supply and install in Sheffield, Rotherham, Lincoln, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

We are happy to give you a no obligation quotation and discuss further the benefits of your:

Electrical Installations

Green Vision Solutions will design and install your commercial, industrial, domestic residential and retail electrical installations. Our comprehensive electrical installations are regulated and monitored for quality by a professional body (NICEIC). This affiliation provides our clients with the assurance of quality, safety and value for installations carried out by us.

Whether its electrical installations, fire alarms, emergency lighting or data in Sheffield, Rotherham, Nottingham or nationwide, please enquire through our contact form or telephone directly.

Electrical Installation Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys are occasionally a requirement of some insurance companies to have undertaken in Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations.

Thermal Imaging surveys are an effective method of identifying potential faults or failures within an installation through loose connections, overloading, product failure etc.. These surveys can be carried out whilst installations are under normal loads and without inconvenience.

Carrying out such surveys can provide opportunity to plan and carry out preventative maintenance ahead of the development of issues identified. Such preventative maintenance can alleviate production downtime in a manufacturing process for example. Green Vision carry out Thermal Imaging survey in Sheffield, Nottingham, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

Electrical Inspection and Testing

Electrical installations deteriorate through age and prolonged use, especially in high load environments. Poor workmanship and poor modifications can also degrade an electrical installation.

Landlords are legally required to provide tenants with a “Satisfactory” EICR when renting out a property to ensure the installation is considered safe for use.

Electrical Installations should be periodically tested and inspected for the safety of their operation. Generally, commercial insurers require that an NICEIC EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is completed on Commercial and Industrial Installations.

Green Vision carry out EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Reports) Fixed Wire Testing throughout Sheffield, Worksop, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Retford and surrounding areas in all disciplines such as Commercial/Retail, Industrial, Education, Agricultural, Residential and more. Our EICRs can be integrated to incorporate our specialist Thermal Imaging surveys.

Planned and Reactive Maintenance

Green Vision carry out planned and reactive maintenance for electrical installations and heating installations in Sheffield, Worksop, Retford, Mansfield, Chesterfield and further surrounding areas.

Our strategically planned and reactive maintenance packages cover sectors of Commercial, Residential, Retail, Residential Care and Agriculture.

Planned maintenance can be integral to the operation of a business to prevent downtimes in production. Overlooking planned maintenance can invariably result in reactive maintenance.

Green Vision can tailor a package suitable to your business or premises needs.

Electrical Installation & Maintenance

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